Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Indarsingh supports Govt mega farms

Wednesday, May 7 2008

PRESIDENT of the All-Trinidad General Workers’ Trade Union(ATGWTU) Rudranath Indarsingh has lent his support to the Government’s move to build megafarms on Caroni lands.
Speaking to Newsday yesterday, Indarsingh, who represents the interests of ex-Caroni workers, said “we welcome the move to bring about this boost in the agricultural sector since it would mean utilising the land to grow food for local consumption.”

According to Indarsingh, ex-Caroni workers have been waiting on land from Government since 2003, following the closure of Caroni 1975 Limited. Since then these ex-workers have held onto false promises by successive government ministers.

Indarsingh said this should be given priority to ensure an increase in local food production and, ultimately, a solution to the food crisis currently plaguing the country.

He called on Government to develop the infrastructure on the lands to ensure that farmers can provide maximum output.

He said focus should be placed on the building of roads, drains and ponds for irrigation.