About Us

The All Trinidad Sugar and General Workers Trade Union is a registered Trade Union pursuant to the Industrial Relations Act of Trinidad and Tobago. It is the recognized majority Trade Union for workers in Caroni (1975) Ltd. who are predominantly involved in the sugar Industry. The Union, formerly the All Trinidad Sugar Estates and Factory Workers Trade Union (ATSE&FWU) had its historical origin in the sugar estates in 1937 and today its membership is still fundamentally the sugar workers. In the 1970's through the 1980's there was a major membership thrust by the Union's leadership outside of the Sugar Industry, so that today the Union represents workers in the food, processing, hotel, catering, construction and travel industries.

For the sixty-five years that the ATS&GWTU has existed, it has struggled for the rights and interests of the workers that it represents. During this period there has been tremendous improvement in job security, salary and fringe benefits as well as the general well being and status of the Union's members. Today, the Union's membership is close to ten thousand workers, each of whom has an equal voice in the determination of Union policy and proposals. The highest forum is the Conference of Delegates which meets annually. This is followed by the General Council, which consists of 102 members and which meets at least once per month. The Central Executive is headed by a President General, General Secretary and seven other Officers. The Union places tremendous emphasis on reducing conflict between its members and their employers and this is effected through a well organized Industrial Relations Department. Education is also high on the Union's agenda so that there are numerous Training Seminars throughout the year to keep the membership well informed.

The Union consistently, organizes events and activities for the benefit of the wider public, as it has begun to play a more proactive role in society's development In 2002 the Union officially launched its Library and Information Centre as part of its mission to educate its members.

The year 2002 also represents a significant watershed in the history of the Union as it represents Sixty-five years since its birth. It has been Sixty- five years of struggle. Sixty-five years of Successful Struggle.