• Industrial Relations
The Primary function of any union is Industrial Relations, and as such the representation of their members. Industrial relations is a multidisciplinary field, involving the employed and the employer. It can include, but is not exclusive too, employment relationship, occupational health and safety standards, working days, working hours, health benefits, sexual harassment, minimum wage, maximum wage, personal days, sick days and holidays.

  • Rienzi Complex Rental
The Rienzi Complex, Southern Main Road, McBean Village, Couva ; is available for rental for the purposes of weddings, conferences, car shows and other public events. Available are; the Board  Room, the Rienzi Grand Hall and the Western Car Park. Charges would include a damage deposit , a rental fee and a clean-up deposit.

  • Women's Auxiliary Group
the Women's Auxiliary Group is a division of the ATGWTU, formed in order to deal with issues and persons that may have difficulty addressing social and business issues, in the mainstream divisions of the Union. Social Issues identified examples, but not exclusive too; Domestic Violence, Child abuse & Financial blackmail .  Business Issues identified examples, but not exclusive too; Sexual Harassment in the workplace and Equal pay amongst the sexes .

  • H.E.A.L. 
A joint project of the then ATSGWTU and CARONI (1975) Ltd. a non-profit organisation established in 1993, H.E.A.L. is the acronym for ' Helping Every Addict Live and is based in Milton Village, Couva. A Centre for Drug Prevention, Rehabilitation and the Development of Health Life-Styles .

  • All Trinidad Farmer's Association 
An arm of the ATGWTU with a mandate to do all in it's power to better the living and working conditions of all persons engage in the Agricultural section. To work in partnership with other Stakeholders to ensure agriculture as an integral part of the society is viewed with the respect it deserves .

  • Free Legal Clinic 
Starting in January 2013 , the ATGWTU will be offering a Free Legal Clinic , on all departments of Law , Criminal, Contract, Tort, Property, Equity and Trusts. If applicable International Law, Constitutional and Administrative Law. Two Saturdays out of Every Month.

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