Tuesday, May 15, 2012

ATGWTU victorious in court

All Trinidad General Workers' Trade Union (ATGWTU) emerged victorious in the civil appeal against Rotiv Enterprises Ltd. on the 14th May, 2012 in the Court of appeal of Trinidad and Tobago.

The Union's case was conducted by advocate Attorney at Law, Mr. Dave Cowie, instructed by Attorney at law and Executive Member of the All Trinidad General Workers' Trade Union, Mr. Nirvan Maharaj.

President General of the ATGWTU stated: “It was a triumph once again by the Union for and on behalf of the working class citizens of Trinidad and Tobago.”

On June 10th, 2010, a judgment was made in the Industrial Court of Trinidad and Tobago where Rotiv Enterprises Ltd. was ordered to pay half a million dollars by 29th October, 2010 to 17 employees retrenched from the company in May, 2005. The company appealed the decision, which was heard in the Court of Appeal on Monday.

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