Thursday, June 20, 2013

Union Leaders warns workers.

Also adding his own warning was All Trinidad General Workers Trade Union (ATGWTU) president general Nirvan Maharaj, who cautioned workers to be wary of the “undermining of the essence of the Industrial Courts as a court of social justice, social conscience and the bastion of working class salvation.” 

“People seem to forget that the industrial court deals with justice equity and fair play and is not bound by legal technicalities of criminal and civil jurisprudence. We must not allow the rules and regulations and technicalities geared toward the civil and criminal courts to be blindly imported into the industrial courts without first analysing the burdens of costs and limits that will place the working class at an unfair advantage,” Maharaj said. 

“You must not forget the fight for better wages and a better working environment. You must not forget to fight for labour reform. It is become so ridiculous that while workers suffer MP’s are expected to be praised,” he said, and called for the unification of the labour movement to create a ‘labour lobby as powerful as any political party.” 

“There must be unity on the labour front, trade unions must unite and bond with a common cause. Don’t let petty differences take precedent over the good of the working class. Let’s create a labour lobby as powerful as many political parties. The trade unions have to change the psyche of people,” Maharaj added.

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