Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Press Release : Mora Valley Farm

The All Trinidad General Worker's Trade Union and the workers of Mora Valley Farm in Rio Claro are Tobago calling on the Chief Personnel Officer and by extension the Government of Trinidad and Tobago, to immediately begin the process of expediting negotiations for the employees of Mora Valley Farm for the outstanding period 2011-2013.

In addition we are also calling on the Government to immediately pay outstanding wages and outstanding annual leave payments for periods ranging from 2006-2013.

We are also asking the Government to immediately implement decisions taken in cabinet minute number 1854-2013/07/03, Note no (13) 143.

1. That the expenditure to be incurred in respect of the payment of gratuity be met from the budgetary allocation of the Ministry of Finance and the Economy ( Pension Division ), and

2. That the Ministry of Food Production take steps to regularize the status of the contract staff beyond 2013.

These decisions shave not been implemented and as such the Government in a high handed and unjustified manner is also attempting to negotiate with these workers as if they are contract workers.

We are saying that these workers have suffered too long and the issues of the workers of the Farm must be dealt with immediately. It must never be forgotten that up till a few months ago there are workers who worked for years at this Farm without having access to sick leave, casual leave, over time and who were also paid below the minimum wage. There were people who worked for 12 hours and were only paid for eight. There are several health and safety issues together with a shortage of relevant staff and temporary workers who have been at the Farm for many years and to whom they turn for guidance and directions.

We are calling on the Government to end the suffering of the workers of Mora Valley Farm, remove them from the state of limbo that they exist in and simply give them their just due.

Your sincerely

Nirvan Maharaj
President General - ATGWTU

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