Tuesday, August 30, 2016


On behalf of the National Solidarity Assembly and the All Trinidad General Workers Trade Union, I wish to extend my sincerest congratulations and best wishes to the people of Trinidad and Tobago, as we celebrate fifty-four years of Independence.
As a nation we have achieved much in terms of infrastructural, political, economic, social and cultural development. Our people have accomplished so many great achievements in the realm of sports, science, law, education, music, social sciences and the humanities, that Trinidad and Tobago is now a household name in many parts of the world.
We must always, in order to positively move forward, reflect on and learn from the struggles of the past and the sacrifices of our forefathers as they carved out a place not only for themselves but for us, in this land that is Trinidad and Tobago.
Fifty-four years after Independence let us continue to work together to construct a nation built on the principle of unity in diversity. Let us continue to strive to develop the will, the determination and the process necessary to increase the patriotism and nationalism necessary to bind us as a people and so truly to become one nation, one people that is Trinidad and Tobago.
I thank you.
Yours sincerely,

Nirvan Maharaj (Attorney-at-Law)
Political Leader (NSA)
President General (ATGWU)
3rd Vice President (NATUC)

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